On moving on

I’m the type of person who would elope. Well, I would (probably) never marry anyone my parents, close family and friends do not know about (and approve, to some extent), but I could certainly says the vows, receive the blessing, and sign the papers in a tiny ceremony with just my bride and I. I believe certain important life events are best celebrated intimately. Before you call me selfish (or totally confused), which I’m sure my mama will, hear me out! I have a plan. If I ever elope, I plan to later have a big sort of “introduction party”, for our parents to invite their friends to celebrate “the union of our two families”. But I’ve been wondering what kind of speeches would be said at that party, considering that we’d already be married. I trust my dad to be able to come up with something, but to what extent does the Burundian culture allow creative speeches for couples who eloped? Mbe would there be a dot?

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There’s death, then there’s death by crucifixion!

I saw the post below on one of my friends’ wall a few days ago and it really helped me understand the gravity of Jesus’ death on the cross. See Hollywood always portrays it in a way which isn’t very, erm, that painful if I may say – well apart from the part where nails are put in his wrists and feet – but THIS, the post below, actually makes you realise what the man suffered… actually “suffering” is an understatement. Nobody, should have to go through this even if they were guilty. The explanations below are so detailed (starting from 7) I couldn’t even finish reading the post the first time around.

And to be honest, the “he died for you” line isn’t that impressive. I think we all know at least one person who would risk death for us i.e. our mothers; or for whom we’d be willing to die for i.e. our children (though I don’t have any yet). What Jesus did was WAY bigger than that! Churches should use the text below as a sermon; I’m sure it could make a lot of people come to Christ!

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The Anatomical and Physiological Details Of Death By Crucifixion, by Dr. C. Truman Davis
A Physician Analyzes the Crucifixion.
From New Wine Magazine, April 1982.
Originally published in Arizona Medicine,
March 1965, Arizona Medical Association.

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