It’s okay to have high standards

This other time I sent an article I had just written to a friend for impressions before putting it online; and most of the comments noted were reka kutwishimako (Stop bragging)! For some reason people have always taken me for a “bragger”; eti I tend to brag a bit too much; eti I have expensive taste… but then most the same people compliment me for having “my feet on the ground” (here I go, bragging some more), so I guess the bragging accusations are just aimed at pissing me of a little bit…

Although I wouldn’t say that I have expensive taste, I’ll admit to having a preference for above-average things. Not “pretty” things though; I’m not the kind of person who’ll hunt brands down. In fact, I tend to shy away from flashy things (apart from the fact that I drive a shiny red car). My shopping is more practical: I’m likely to go looking for good quality stuff; stuff that will last. That’s how I’ve been wearing some of my clothes for 10 years (thank God fashion doesn’t affect the men’s clothing department that much… or so I think), meaning that even though I may shop “expensive”, I don’t shop that much. Anyway, this post isn’t about my shopping habits and fashion sense… it’s about high standards…

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My Rwandan experience

The Kigali City Tower

The Kigali City Tower. Source:

Figuratively speaking, last weekend was my first time in Rwanda; considering that I had only ever been there (multiple times) for “business”. This time, I boarded the bus that took me to Kigali with nothing else on my mind than to enjoy myself… The best part is that I was with 4 of my boys… Best (though short) break ever!

So below are the most notable points of my 3 day Rwandan experience…

It’s flippin expensive!

All the other times I had been to Kigali before, I had been rolling on my parents’ or taxpayers’ (don’t shoot me!) money – meaning that I cared less about my spending patterns. I never actually realised how expensive the city is until last weekend. The cheapest meal (drinks not included) I think we had (excluding breakfasts) cost 3000 FRW – and it wasn’t even in a posh place (I didn’t set foot in a Bourbon) – which is equivalent to 7,800 FBU, and that’s quite high! Overall, I survived a Friday night, a Saturday and a Sunday morning on a budget of about 100,000 FRW (260,000 FBU), return bus ticket included – although using the term “survived” may not be appropriate, as I indulged myself in few luxuries like renting a car for two days (30,000 FRW, fuel included), and the 3D and 5D Cinema experiences (9,500 FRW, just for the tickets). Please note that I shared my 15,000 FRW (without breakfast) room with a friend, that I did not do any shopping and that I did not engage in any (excessive) consumption of alcohol activity.

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