26 avril 2015: Rien ne sera plus comme avant!

Un an déjà…

The diary of a revolution

sindumuja2Alors qu’en date du samedi 25 avril 2015, une arrogante décision d’un parti devenu totalitaire constitua une violation de la conscience collective. Elle consacra le mépris envers le peuple qui aspirait à une commune destinée dont les fondements sont exprimés dans l’Accord d’Arusha pour la Paix et la Réconciliation au Burundi signés le 28 août 2000. La date du 26 Avril 2015 donna le pas à une déterminante et salvatrice marche, qui peut paraître longue et sûrement douloureuse, mais au bout de laquelle rien ne sera plus comme avant.

En effet, en faisant passer avec forceps sa volonté de s’accrocher au pouvoir contre toute logique et contre moult conseils pleins de sagesse et supplications, Pierre Nkurunziza savait bien que cette décision était impopulaire, jusqu’au sein même de son propre parti. Mais il sous-estimait sans doute la détermination d’un peuple dont la patience venait d’être mise à l’épreuve.

Répondant a l’appel…

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#ThreeThingsThursday // MrBurundi


Being Duchesse

You are probably wondering who this man is and why he goes by the name -or should I say nickname- MrBurundi. If you think that he won the contest of Mister Burundi at some point in his life, well you are wrong. That contest does not even exist in Burundi. Why that nickname, though? I am sorry to tell you that you will not find that answer in this post but I can tell you this: you don’t know much about Burundi if you don’t know this guy.

MrBurundi is called Chris by his close friends and family. His full name: Karl-Chris Nsabiyumva. Chris is a Burundian blogger, writer and founder of the well-known blog This Burundian Life, a blog dedicated to stories and ideas of people who have experienced the Burundian life. You’ve probably come across his funny tweets and hashtags on Instagram about the life in Burundi but don’t…

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The versatile blogger award


I guess this was the only way to bring me back to these streets. I haven’t shared anything for a while, although I have been writing. A lot. I just haven’t been in the mood to share my ramblings. I cannot tell you why, because I do not know. I write up something, edit it, and just when I’m about to post, I’m like, Naaah! Maybe the voices that, since I started blogging, have been telling me I put myself out there too much finally got to me. Anyway, thank you VERY MUCH Samantha MI for nominating me, but I’m not really thanking you for making me do the rest of this “challenge”.

Rule #1: Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog

Well, I just did half of that. The other half is this: glambymi.com is Samantha’s blog, where she talks about makeup. She’s a very talented makeup artist, and although I do not wear makeup myself, I can attest she is good at what she does because her clients (pics of which she sometimes shares) never look like their faces fell in a bag of flour, or were hijacked by kindergarten kids armed with crayons. Continue reading

Poor Little Rich Writer



Monkey photographer

People are often reminded to stick to their lanes, and yesterday, somebody returned me to mine.

“How can you talk about being broke?!?”

“Well I-”

“Shut up. I’ve seen the payslips in that place.”

“Hey, I’m in matatu and I’m still paying rent so-”

“Nkt! You work in advertising. You don’t get to complain.”

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On dealing with rejection


This Burundian Life

Photo by Arnaud Gwaga Mugisha

Have you ever experienced a one-way-feelings relationship; the kind in which you have unreciprocated feelings for a person? I was discussing about the friendzone with a female friend the other day and I realised that this phenomenon affects girls just as much as guys; with the exception that the situation is a bit trickier for the ladies; since our tradition doesn’t really allow them to go after a guy. Now the question is: how does one deal with the zone; or crawl out of it for that matter?I guess I can only speak from a guy’s perspective here…

I, like any other average guy on this planet, have experienced the zone; although I just recently realised that I haven’t quite been as much a victim of it as I thought I was, taking into account the number of times I’ve been sent…

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