On moving on

I’m the type of person who would elope. Well, I would (probably) never marry anyone my parents, close family and friends do not know about (and approve, to some extent), but I could certainly says the vows, receive the blessing, and sign the papers in a tiny ceremony with just my bride and I. I believe certain important life events are best celebrated intimately. Before you call me selfish (or totally confused), which I’m sure my mama will, hear me out! I have a plan. If I ever elope, I plan to later have a big sort of “introduction party”, for our parents to invite their friends to celebrate “the union of our two families”. But I’ve been wondering what kind of speeches would be said at that party, considering that we’d already be married. I trust my dad to be able to come up with something, but to what extent does the Burundian culture allow creative speeches for couples who eloped? Mbe would there be a dot?

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When did marriage become about

The wedding?

I’m at that stage in my life.
I’m sure I’ve complained about this once or twice before.
A day rarely goes by without someone asking me “mbe uzoduha inzoga ryari?” I’m like, mate, if a party is all you want, how about I throw a big birthday bash where y’all can show up two hours late (I hate it!), dressed in your best attire, to hear family and friends go on about how I’m such a great person, and to promise me cows I’ll never get?

I get it. They probably mean more than the ceremonies and parties, but I’m yet to meet someone who can give me valid reasons on why I should be thinking about “settling down”.
I don’t even feel like the words settling down apply to me because… am I running? Am I lost? Distracted? Not focused?
What exactly is marriage supposed to bring to my life that I cannot manage alone with a little bit more will and determination?

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Why do you want to be President?

*Thinking out loud*

At a Myles Munroe (R.I.P 😦 ) conference the other day, while he was praying to close the meeting, he said something like “Lord I pray that you reveal the next generation of Burundi’s presidents in this room…” and several people were like “AMEN!”… Just after he said, “I pray that you reveal the next generation of competent judges and lawmakers…” and then silence… nobody shouted “Amen”… Hah!

Sasa, I ask myself, how come everybody wants to become President and nothing else? I’m not saying this just because of what happened at the meeting, but I’ve actually never met anyone who aspires to become let’s say, a Minister, Vice-President, Head of Parliament, Head of the Secret Service, or something not as prestigious (but important nevertheless) as President. I was telling my friend the other day that I’d be content with becoming Mayor of Bujumbura, and he told me I should “dream bigger.” Umh?! Continue reading

Independences done wrong?

As I saw #KenyaAt50 tweets fill up my Twitter timeline yesterday, I found myself thinking how interesting it is that people who weren’t united before colonisation can celebrate independence together… What I mean is, today’s Kenya is somewhat a creation of the British coloniser, as they were the ones who drew the borders of the country we know. (The other day I read an article about how the British bargained – with the Germans who controlled Tanganyika – Zanzibar, in exchange for the Kilimanjaro, and found it funny how both now are Tanzanian territory). The drawing of borders by the Western powers isn’t something that only happened to Kenya: most African countries as we know them today were marked out by the “white man” who in most places did so by bringing previously independent territories under one single rule. A few exceptions exist however: one of them is Burundi [and Rwanda to some extent, considering that a lot of its historical territory – I hear – went to neighbouring Uganda and DRC.]

These two girls finally decided to go their separate ways

These two girls finally decided to go their separate ways

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Are women weak?

Put your feminist guns down people; I’m just asking a question, not making a statement!

So I’m the kind of guy who can be quite emotional and moody, although I’ve also been told I’m mean and heartless. I think it all depends on the person (i.e. what they mean to me) and the situation (i.e. if I feel I’m being taken advantage of). Somebody told me I’m moody because I’m a “Cancer”. See, I don’t usually believe in horoscopes and reading stars but this association made me do some extensive research on what “Cancer men” are (supposed to be) like. I know this sounds silly (I still don’t believe in horoscopes and reading stars) but I swear some definitions were pretty accurate vis-à-vis my personality and reaction to certain situations. Anyway, that’s not the centre of today’s topic…

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