#ThreeThingsThursday // MrBurundi


DeeScovered With You

You are probably wondering who this man is and why he goes by the name -or should I say nickname- MrBurundi. If you think that he won the contest of Mister Burundi at some point in his life, well you are wrong. That contest does not even exist in Burundi. Why that nickname, though? I am sorry to tell you that you will not find that answer in this post but I can tell you this: you don’t know much about Burundi if you don’t know this guy.

MrBurundi is called Chris by his close friends and family. His full name: Karl-Chris Nsabiyumva. Chris is a Burundian blogger, writer and founder of the well-known blog This Burundian Life, a blog dedicated to stories and ideas of people who have experienced the Burundian life. You’ve probably come across his funny tweets and hashtags on Instagram about the life in Burundi but don’t…

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