Dear Burundians, it was a joke!

cc: Rama Isibo

This Burundian Life

One week ago our little land of one thousand and one hills was once again under the spotlight when Rama Isibo happened to us, calling us a nation beyond parody, in a text which I found rather amusing considering its form and its substance. Although the article did in fact contain some valid points, I believe that the whole purpose of the initiative was to demonstrate the Rwandan humour which Rama described in the second paragraph of his (rather long) text. The whole thing was just a joke, right?

I mean how can it not be a joke to dedicate a whole paragraph at “classifying” and explaining the different types of alcoholics (and hanging out with “Abasamanje”), but still seem to ignore that alcoholism is a worldwide phenomenon – the author’s country included? How can it not be a joke when he seems to naively believe that BRARUDI…

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