On dealing with rejection


This Burundian Life

Photo by Arnaud Gwaga Mugisha

Have you ever experienced a one-way-feelings relationship; the kind in which you have unreciprocated feelings for a person? I was discussing about the friendzone with a female friend the other day and I realised that this phenomenon affects girls just as much as guys; with the exception that the situation is a bit trickier for the ladies; since our tradition doesn’t really allow them to go after a guy. Now the question is: how does one deal with the zone; or crawl out of it for that matter?I guess I can only speak from a guy’s perspective here…

I, like any other average guy on this planet, have experienced the zone; although I just recently realised that I haven’t quite been as much a victim of it as I thought I was, taking into account the number of times I’ve been sent…

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