Redefining Burundi

I was at Burundi’s first TEDx! 🙂

This Burundian Life

By Karl-Chris R Nsabiyumva

About three days ago a Rwandan tweep (meaning: twitter peep, for those who are not familiar with the lingo) sort of made fun of how (wealthy, according to me) Burundians have been flogging to Kigali to watch 3D movies. I – true to myself and my country – had to tweet back reminding how Rwandans be coming down to Bujumbura for our beaches and nightlife. She tweeted back “invites you to Diner en Blanc” (Kigali hosted the first African all-white diner last year, and I’m assuming another one is on the way), and I was like “Pff, takes off to Blue Bay on a high speed boat”. She favourite my tweet and that was the end of our mini-war. However, a few hours later I realised that I should have tweeted back: “INVITES YOU TO TEDx ROHERO!”… Because yes, we had a TEDx, they haven’t!…

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