Some Kenyans CAN be trusted!

5:46 AM Moi International Airport, Mombasa, Kenya: we just drove through the gate and I’m supposed to be on a flight to Nairobi that leaves at 6:45. I overslept (I barely slept for more than 3 hours, and no, I wasn’t partying!); I’m kindda late so I’m not at all relaxed. I have 2 huge bags with me (one of them is full of stuff for my cousins in Nai), a carry-on bag and my laptop bag.

I go through security, check-in; everything is fine. They didn’t even charge me for the 2 extra KG. I chill in the transit lounge, browse the net and all that; a lady I’d met at the meeting I was at shows up and we start chatting about stuff – Burundi and other things. Time to board the plane; everything is still fine. We board, I sit comfortable in my aisle seat, I text my uncle who’s supposed to pick me up to tell him what time I’m arriving, and just when they’re about to shut the doors, a stewardess takes out some carry-on luggage that couldn’t fit in the overhead compartment. I look at one bag and I’m like (in my head) “that’s almost the same size as my bag though…” and then “SH*T! MY BAG!” (I think I said it out loud)… I had left it inside the airport, somewhere…

I get up, run to the front of the plane and I explain my situation to a stewardess. She directs me to one of the ground crew. He asks me where I left it. “The transit area” I say. “WHERE IN THE TRANSIT AREA?! IT’S FULL OF PASSENGERS NOW, TELL US WHERE TO LOOK! PLUS WE CAN’T HAVE YOU DELAY THE PLANE, AND IF YOU GO YOU WON’T GET ANOTHER FLIGHT! THEY’RE ALL FULL!” goes this other guy who’s clearly not happy with this boy who seems to have lost his head. I describe the bag to them, they call their colleagues on their talkie-walkies and I hear one woman say something (all this time, the flight is waiting for me to leave) – they found it… in the security/screaning area… As in I didn’t even have it at check-in. Imagine my embarrassment. I tell them I don’t mind leaving it behind if they can send it to me on the next flight. They take my contact details and inform me that they’ll send my bag on the next flight supposed to arrive 45min after mine. I (about to die of embarrassment – like all the passengers were aware by now of what had happened) go back to my seat. Just when I was about to complain (to myself) like “why does this kind of stuff only happen to me?!” I hear a voice inside tell me “Dude! They found your bag! And they will send it to you! Thank God for that!” #Humbled

Jomo Kenyatta International, 45 minutes after my arrival, as promised, I get my bag, with everything inside. Happy, relieved, now let’s go enjoy Nairobi!

Just yesterday a Kenyan (imagine!) was telling me that I shouldn’t trust Kenyans. This post goes out to him and all Kenyans out there. This little adventure is proof that some Kenyans are trustworthy and professional! It’s not right to just stereotype people like that! It reminded me that sh*t does happen – to anybody. People who know me well will tell you that I have a tendency to get pretty irritated when things don’t work out as planned, so I need reminders like these to make me chill out sometimes; and to remind me that God is in control, regardless of what or who (my clumsy self included) comes my way. Amen. Laters!

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