If I were the Minister of Tourism

This Burundian Life

By Karl-Chris R. Nsabiyumva

This whole topic was triggered a few weeks ago by my buddy who he accused me of not being a patriot (I thought I’d made it clear I’m not), as I criticised how Burundians tend to get overly emotional when talking about Burundi as a touristic destination; not showing much originality referring to things like “White Sand Beaches” (which aren’t actually white, but yellow-ish – white sand beaches may be found on the Coasts of Tanzania and Kenya); the Mwishanga waterfalls (which are nothing compared to the Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe); the Musée Vivant (one moment of silence *wipes a tear*); the park of the Rusizi (merely a forest next to a river in which hippos can be spotted playing, occasionally); the source of the Nile (really? *wipes another tear* and please fine whoever decided to build a pyramid on top of the…

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