Dear somebody…

willywonkaThis is me looking at you spend thousands of Francs on overpriced liquor and food during a night out.

This is me watching you wake up the next morning hangover and trying to convince yourself that all the money you wasted was ‘worth’ it.

This is me wondering if you’re aware that, right at the same moment the owners of the clubs, pubs and restaurants you and your friends went to are happily counting the millions they made overnight and thinking about the next luxury cars they’re going to buy, the mansions they’re going to build or their next holiday destinations.

This is me seeing you calculate, on your 900 dollars phone that you only use to make calls and write SMS’ (and eventually calculate) and on which you can’t even download an application without asking for help, how much money you have left to last you till the end of the month.

This is me shaking my head as you borrow money to pay off the drinks you got on credit the other night when you ran out of cash.

This is me asking myself if you realise how rich the club, pub and restaurant owners are getting at your expense.

This is me looking at you as you go on and on about how “pastors and religious leaders these days have brainwashed people and are exploiting them to get rich”.

This is me feeling sorry as you claim to be ‘smarter than that’.

This is me assuming you’ve haven’t read your Bible; hence you do not know that offerings and tithes were directives given by God and not just inventions of the pastors you see on stage, and you’re not aware that the offerings don’t magically rise to the Heavens but that, as it is written in the Bible, they should be and are used to take care of the Pastors and their families.

This is me informing you that nobody is ever forced to give anything, and that they rarely contract debts to fulfil their Church obligations.

This is me curious to know if you realise that while you can barely spend an hour listening to the whinings of people you claim to love, pastors have dedicated their lives to worrying (though some may pretend) about peoples’ lives and encouraging them to make the best of whatever they have. Do you know how hard that is; and do you realise that not anybody can do it? Do you accept this dedication gives them the right to enjoy descent and comfortable lives?

This is me asking you whether you’ve met people whose lives were totally positively changed through the teachings and the coaching received in Church; asking if you know that many orphanages, schools and hospitals function on money from offerings and generous contributions offered by Christians in Churches.

This is me hoping that, by now, you’ve realised who has been ‘brainwashed’…

And by the way, just to be clear, that photo up there isn’t of me. That’s Willy Wonka. But that are-you-for-real-and-can-you-hear-yourself-speak look on his face is the exact same look I have on my face right now. Voilà.

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