A Simple Beautiful Ceremony

I can’t believe somebody managed to pull this off in Burundi. Double thumbs up!

FLKanuma's Blog

Had the pleasure this Saturday of attending one of the simplest, most economic wedding ceremonies you’ll ever witness albeit a very beautiful occassion.

In my calculation the whole ceremony lasted no more than four (4) hours; and trust me, for a typical African wedding that was serious time concervation.

A typical Kirundi/Kinyarwanda wedding affair includes:
1. Gusaba no gukwa (ceremonies where the bride-to-be introduces the groom-to-be to her folks) and where dowry is paid.
2. Civil ceremony where the government endorses the union.
3. Church ceremony where God blesses the marriage.
4. Reception where the guests are given an assortment of snacks and drinks. Guests are also treated to sweet speeches from different speakers and entertained by traditional dancers while enjoying local and international songs.
5. Dinner where a select invited group is invited to gorge themselves on food and drinks.
6. Gutwikurura or the “unveiling” of the bride from…

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