Growing up is Scary!

ImageThis is a facebook note I wrote a few months to finishing my undergraduate degree, in 2008. I thought I’d share it as it kind of logically precedes my next post which I’m going to put online in the next few days. I smiled when reading this. I realised how old I’ve grown 🙂

Begin post…

“The End of a Life

It’s funny how when you’re still a kid, you just can’t wait to grow up, be independent, live your own life, and all that stuff you just don’t have when Mama and Papa are around; but when you actually get to that stage in life where you ought to know to get on by yourself, all you wish is to go back to those years of ‘parental control’.

Look at me, so close to graduation, that glorious day I used to dream about, but I just don’t feel like getting there yet! Well, I’de do anything to get out of this place (Uni) but not at the point of giving up my ‘dependence’!

Finally it wasn’t that bad when mum used to call me 10 times every hour to ask me where I had taken the car, considering that I hadn’t bought it, I wasn’t paying for the fuel nor for the insurance, and if anything went wrong I wouldn’t be the one worrying about how to fix it… or when dad always gave me less allowance than I had asked for… I even miss curfew hours, or being called and asked ‘WHERE ARE YOU, HAVE YOU SEEN THE TIME?’ lol…

In less than 6 months, I’ll be a ‘graduate’… On that day Karl-Chris Robert Nsabiyumva will die! How? Going to school is all I’ve ever done… All the 21 years I’ve lived so far were just about being told stuff, then asked to repeat them and being judged on how good or bad I got the repetition right… That was easy man!

But now, people expect me to be making my own decisions, ‘being my own man’, being a responsible pillar of society and all that junk… I’m not ready maaan!! I don’t want to grow up yet!! LOL

I’ll have to get a job, save money, spend reasonably and all… AYAYAY!! I know I’ve done part-time jobs and stuff, but that ain’t the same coz you know it’s either EXTRA money, or you can always ring the folks and ask them to make a quick transfer… But 1 year from now, what a disgrace I’ll be if I dare make such requests…

But the funny thing is, although I seem to be lost, my intelect and my body seem to be adjusting to the situation without my consent… at times I find myself thinking about saving to buy stuff for my first appartement, or to buy my first car… and then naturally I laugh at myself thinking ‘Boy you sound soooo old’ LOL.. Or maybe that’s the thing that’s stressing me out, the thought of ‘growing old’… Well well well, looks like I’m going to have to get used to the idea really soon… By the grace of God it’ll be ‘aight like my bro mckell would say lol.



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